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Welcome to Broken Memories!

Hello there, my name is Victoria and this is my "writer's blog". I made this diary to keep a more in-deph track of what I was thinking or feeling while writting my stories. I post stories, drabbles, and the occasional art or image related to them.

General Disclaimer for this site:
The Characters depicted on my stories and art are the property of Clamp, unless stated otherwise (original characters). Code Geass and its characters belong to Sunrise, Ichirō Ōkouchi
and Gorō Taniguchi. All rights are reserved by them and their publishers. I make no profit by writing these stories and their purpose is only for entartainment.

Art posted in Image Gallery is mine, unless stated otherwise. Banner image is Clamp's

Broken Toy – Chapter 10

lj-music: Ain't that a kick in the head - Robbie Williams version

Series: CardCaptor Sakura
Main Characters: Yue, Touya
Summary: Post-Series Continuation. Yue and Yukito are starting to merge and have made a decisión. Fate however, has something else in store for them. They should have know better than to play cards with Fate. Will they bet it all in, or drop the bet?

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apparently windows live now comes with a blog writer. lets see how this works


edit: apparently I can edit too.


edit 2: well, now that is handy XD

edit 3: and now for MS word 2007 pasting and formating (which sucks, btw)

A short piece that didn’t make the cut on chapter 9 of Broken toy.

edit 4: I can’t tag –__- well, I guess it was too good to be true.


Yue+Kero fluff


“And the other day, in Tokyo actually…”

Yukito’s non-stop babbling for the last 50 minutes was stopped by Touya’s call from downstairs, “Oi Yuki, would you help me set the dinner table? Sakura and Tomoyo are about to arrive!”

“Touya baka-chan, we are busy here!” Kero hollered, annoyed.

“I am sorry, can’t hear Talking Bath Toys, you know?” Touya answered back, not missing a beat.

“That’s it! I’m gonna rip him a new one! Pretty sure Sakura will thank me when he doesn’t have a leg to follow her and the Kid around!!”

“Kero-kun!” Yukito jumped onto him, as he transformed in a second into his lion form.

“Oh come on, Yue!” he wailed, “he’ll live fine with just one leg.”

Yukito was slightly bothered that he was being called Yue. It was silly, really, because logically, he knew it was his name. But still, “Don’t tell Touya anything, please.”

Ok, Yue never used that tone, and he never asked for anything, “He doesn’t know you…ok, I’m lost, I don’t even know what to call this thing that’s going on with you.”

“Merging,” Yukito added.

“No, that’s not it,” Kero shook his head, “anyway, why can’t he know? That kid is sharp as a knife; he’ll figure it out, if he hasn’t already.”

“Maybe, but he’s like Sakura-chan sometimes, you know?”

“And like Clow,” Kero added, knowing where his counterpart’s thoughts were going. They both laughed out loud, a century-old phrase resurfacing in their memories.

“Dense as a brick!”

Broken Toy - Chapter 9! Finally -_-

Series: CardCaptor Sakura
Main Characters: Yue, Touya
Summary: Post-Series Continuation. Yue and Yukito are starting to merge and have made a decisión. Fate however, has something else in store for them. They should have know better than to play cards with Fate. Will they bet it all in, or drop the bet?
Notes: Remember that Italics are for Yue/Yukito thoughts, and in this time, the bolded italics are memories. And things spoken are always in "quotation marks"

One-shot: The Gift, Part 1?

Series: Card Captor Sakura (I mean, what else is there? xD)
Rating/Warning(s): PG. Manga-based, continuation after the end.
Genre: General character interaction.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Touya + Sonomi, Fujitaka at the end.
Author's Notes: Actually part of the new chapter of "Broken Toy" but so good on its own, that I feel the need to post it apart. Plus, I rarely get to write Touya+Sonomi. Towa University, is Fujitaka's workplace, if I am not mistaken.

Also part of something else down my timeline, that's why it's mostly posted separatedly.

Hopefully won't take long to post more fiction xD

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News Rant: Interesting links

On the situation on Honduras:




The new governent of Honduras is illegal, for they based the reigns of the country on the pretense of a false letter of resignation, that was then internationally discredited.

One in Spanish for those of you who know:


Only 18% of the population in Honduras has internet availability. From those, the ones replying to news everywhere are accomodated persons who claim that the illegal government is legal. People that were not affected by the coup and are siting calmly in their homes. People who don't realize the state of their nation, or their world is so deluded that they believe that this is the USA or Canada, that this country has the means to sustain itself on its own.

Rant: Of de Facto Jokes and Democratic Dictatorship

I tend not to ramble about real life issues, but humor me here. I have alsee been away from LJ for the entire year, so in advance, I ask my fellow watchers and watched my apologies for not keeping up with you all.

The point of the matter is this:

As of sunday, june 28, democratic rule has been overthrown in my home country of Honduras. The elected president, Jose Manuel Zelaya was taken from his house, Govenment Palace, by military forces, to an airplane and flown to Costa Rica. President of Congress, Roberto Micheleti, directed this coup with the army. Read more...Collapse )


Because I'm bored!

And I want a 2009 post! XD

Post a single sentence from each of your WIPs - no context, no explanation. Stolen from peacewish 

hehe, found my usb ^^


Damn O_O

So, I am checking my f-page when I stumble upon this posted at the CG comm:

R2 Sound Episode 6

Track 2 - Kaguya's meeting with the Demon

A story about eight years ago, when Kaguya interacts with Suzaku and Lelouch, and present time, when Kaguya addresses her precious feelings towards "Zero".

Kaguya stays in the Kururugi Shrine for a week in order to learn about festivity rites and other such customs. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she does as she pleases, bullying her cousin and fiance Suzaku. One day, Kaguya goes into the forest alone to play, where she meets the demon who lives there.


I knew it!!!! I fucking new it!!!
Maybe needed more bullying from Kaguya, but damn, I was right about her and Suzaku O_O

....never mind this could break my story XDD
(I'll ignore the fact that she didn't actually live there, thank you very much)


Can I has meme naoh?

. I'm bored and supposed to be studying for mid-terms. Procastination FTW! I need a procastination icon now XD

Comment on this entry and I'll...
-Pick 7 of your interests for you to talk about.
-4 icons for you to talk about.
-Ask you to post this on your journal so other people can play.

when you get a writer to tell you about interests, it turns out a 1500 word post o_oCollapse )

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